To Choose Love, Or To Choose Fashion

I haven’t been able to post as much as I would like recently because I have been trying to plan out the next stages of my life including the direction I want the blog to go in, the new additions I want to add, as well as where I want my professional career to go. In the midst of all that, I’m in a relationship of five years with the love of my life who also is trying to progress her career. I want her to have everything that she’s ever dreamed of but I also want to be able to follow my dreams as well. So that brings me to the question, To Choose Love or To Choose Fashion. Now thats the question thats relevant to me, but for you the question might be To Choose Love or to Choose That New Dream Job in New York or for some, To Choose Love or to Choose That Last Piece of Pecan Pie…(I’m not excluding you single folks!) But even thinking about having to make a choice is terrifying!


I want my dream job and my dream girl all at the same time DAMMIT! But its looking like someone may have to sacrifice a piece of their dream in order for the other to follow theirs.  So what do you do? Do you separate for as long as you need to in order to pursue your dream until you can be physically together? My girlfriend suggested that I read Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg in order to understand the plight of what women who pursue professional careers go through. She’s big on competing and being a dominating force in an industry historically ran by men and I want her to go out there and fight! But with me potentially having a career in fashion, there are two major markets in the US that would have optimum opportunity, New York City and Los Angeles. There are other markets like Dallas and Atlanta that are growing but I’ve lived in both of those cities and I think that I would prefer to be in the heart of where it all goes down!! Meet me in the Squaaare, its goin’ dooown…(sorry to put you all through that Yung Joc reference…I just had to get it out of me.) But New York would be fantastic for my career but it may not hold the same fruit for my girlfriend, so what should we do?


We decided that love will ALWAYS be there and we don’t have to be within the same zip code to have love. But we’re actively going to try to be together! That being said, we plan to shoot for states where both of our dreams can flourish: New York, California, Washington, Texas, and maybe…kinda..not really…Georgia (I love Georgia, but I spent my first 18 years there so I just really….strongly….DESPERATELY….want to see what else to world has to offer). Then we’re going to apply for schools and jobs in all those locations. After that…Its all up to God! Hopefully, we’ll have doors opened in the same state for both of us so we can both live our dreams TOGETHER but if doors open in separate places, then we will make the best decision then. But for us, the number one priority is our careers and our future. If we have to sacrifice time together then we’re willing to do that but we love love and we love each other so it’ll all work out regardless of where we end up. We will both eventually have all we’ve ever wanted.

So, with that being said, Go Out and Live!!! Don’t search for love, let love find you! Chase your dreams and shoot for everything that you’ve ever wanted. But the main thing is to never loose focus and to do a little something everyday to get you closer to your dreams. Love will happen! For me, love happened before my career. I didn’t plan it, I wasn’t looking for it. But when it happened, it was great! And I’m unbelievably happy to have a partner to navigate this crazy world with! The answer MY question, I refuse to either choose love or fashion….cuz baby, *Insert sassy neck roll*, Imma have my cake AND eat it too!


Kim Kardashian vs Mimi Faust: Is Kim a Secret Genius?

So back in my ratchet days, I used to love nothing more than to curl up on my full-sized air mattress (I was a broke college student…leave me alone) and watch hours of Love and Hip Hop. There’s no confidence boost better than watching The Puerto Rican Princess spew out broken English and watch her chase around a man who treats her like a piece of property. With all of the craziness, as a viewer, you go on a desperate hunt to find the beacon of hope. The one character who SURELY isn’t as crazy, or as desperate, or as mind-glowingly irritating as all the others. And we found that character in Mimi Faust! She had her own heap of craziness but at the end of the day, we felt sorry for her and we appreciated the fact that she was “attempting” to move forward with other men. Fast forward to the current season and Mimi has had the most talked about story line involving a “leaked” sex tape with her boyfriend Nikko.


That sounds erringly familiar to a little Armenian girl by the name of Kimberly Noel Kardashian who too rose to fame by releasing a sex tape. But I can’t help but think that Kim was able to do it was a certain….je ne sais quoi….Kim was able to turn something that could have completely destroyed her name and reputation and turned it into a billion dollar empire. While Mimi has only managed to look at best like a complete idiot. Therefore, I am wondering if Kim Kardashian has a secret that none of us know about. Could Kim Kardashian be a secret genius?

Hear me out! I’m being a little tongue and cheek but I’m completely serious! I think that Kim may be the single, smartest person in the world. Who do you know that is worth millions of dollars with no obvious talent? Who can get away with selling a book of Instagram selfies for $20? Who earns money every time they have a wedding? What other reality star has graced the cover of Vogue magazine? Kim Kardashian has managed to become a household name and sometimes…SOMETIMES…we forget that she began her career as an unexpected porn star.


So why can’t Mimi seem to have the same amazing rebound that Kim Kardashian managed to have? I know the obvious card to pull would be that she’s black and Kim is clearly a white woman but I think theres a deeper reason than race. What I gathered was that AT LEAST Kim didn’t own or act like she HAD to release her sex tape against all other odds, but Mimi tried to pretend that she had no other options and that she had to make the best decision for her and her family. Guh, POO CHEESE!  Basically, Mimi is an idiot. But look at the Queen of Reality TV Kim Kardashian who has built an entire empire including multiple tv shows, clothing lines, modeling deals, fragrances, and tons of other things.

ALL IN ALL, Kim is a genius. Mimi is the gum underneath your shoe.

That’s all.

I know I talked about two sex tapes today, but that doesn’t mean you need to go and search for them.

Don’t be nasty!

And that doesn’t mean that you should follow in the footprints of Kim because the odds of your career taking off from a sex tape….cough…Mimi….cough….is very slim to none! She is not a shining example of what you should aspire to do. Yes, please go get your checks, and become a business mogul, but DO NOT do it by releasing an “alleged” leaked sex tape.

But like the Player’s Club so wonderfully stated, Make that money, But don’t let that money make you!!! 

Nelly in Ferguson

#Ferguson: Why I’m Getting Pissed

I have been struggling for the last week or so, trying to decide if I wanted to use this blog as a platform to discuss the situation and events that have been flooding our news channels and Facebook timelines pertaining to Ferguson, Missouri. This IS a fashion blog, but I would be doing all of my readers a disservice if I didn’t take the time to talk about this situation and why its so important to have intelligent conversations regardless of what side you stand on. Taking away race, I stand on the side of justice. I stand on the side of what is true. I’m not going to get deep into trivial assertions pertaining to what white Ferguson citizens believe to be the truth about their city versus what the black Ferguson citizens believe to be true. In all honestly, neither one of those truths mean much. American history has determined how American citizens view their role in this battle of racism and segregation, and if we attack the perceptions of how people view themselves, we’ll never make progress. Racism is bigger than you or I. It’s an idea that has infiltrated EVERY mind in America. Ideas are tough to kill; however, things can get better, but if you think that we’ve defeated racism because we have a black president, you are only fooling yourself.


Mike Brown, 18, was shot on August 9th, in Ferguson, Missouri by Officer Darren Wilson, days before he was set to attend college. Brown was shot multiple times in broad daylight, subsequently killing him. Now depending on who you ask, the reasons as to why Officer Wilson was shooting at Brown remain extremely unclear. There are reports that say Officer Wilson was doing his job and stopping a male who was suspected of robbing a store. There are reports that say Mike Brown savagely beat Officer Wilson and in his defense he shot Mike Brown…more than six times. There are other reports that say Mike Brown surrendered, putting his hands up and dropping to his knees before being shot down. There are many eyewitnesses who say that Brown was not a direct threat to Wilson and that unprovoked, Wilson began to shoot bullet after bullet at Mike Brown. All of these claims are said to be true. But almost two weeks after the shooting and countless reports of what “actually” happened, we are still attempting to put the pieces of the puzzle together.


But I’m more interested in discussing what we know. We know that the United States of America was made off the backs of African slaves. We know that it took over 300 years for slavery to be abolished. We know that African-Americans, at that time still called Niggers, had to fight for equal representation. Segregated and forced to live separate from white people, African-Americans were forced to stand up for themselves and fight against LAWS that were unfair towards people of color. We know that it wasn’t until the late 60s, early 70s that black people could even go to school with white people. Now about 40 years later, with a black president and black people in positions of power and wealth, we know that racism and segregation still exists!

Whatever the “truth”  may be about what happened that day in Ferguson, Missouri, we know that the government’s value on the life of an African-American male is piss poor. I couldn’t care less about how a person with European lineage feels about the struggle of racism in America. Until you are segregated against, passed over for positions you’re qualified for, looked at as being innately angry, or profiled for “driving while black”, all before you even open your mouth, you have absolutely nothing to say to me about why black people are actively (and peacefully) protesting in Ferguson, Missouri. I don’t care if every person in Ferguson came and said, “we all bake cookies for each other, there’s no racism problem here” (which actually happened). Racism is in EVERY town, city, county, and state in America. Its just that some places and people are better at hiding their disgust than others. But racism doesn’t just work one way. There are plenty of black people who don’t like white people simply because they’re white. Its not appropriate coming from either side.

But as I end my rant, (and I promise the next post won’t be so heavy), I would like to point attention to entertainers like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and now Taylor Swift who use black culture to widen their fan base but I have yet to see them in Ferguson helping with the protest. Thats why I have very little respect for artists who appropriate black culture because when you’re tired of being “black”, you can remove the clothes, the make-up, and the accents to go back to your white life. This having black skin thing is permeant so we need people fighting the cause, not riding our coat tails. But maybe I’m “just an angry black man”…what are your thoughts?

Ariana Wanted

Celebrity Style Crisis: ARIANA GRANDE

I am so sorry for taking a year and a day to post but this past week and a half has been extremely tiring. But I thought I would come back with something fun and start the first official CELEBRITY STYLE CRISIS! This is where we’ll look at some of your favorite celebrities (excluding Beyonce because well… she’s…perfect…why else?, but you’ll probably see Keyshia Mole…I mean Cole…sometimes soon) and we’ll go through what’s wrong with their styling and how it can be improved. Now because I’m a fashion major, people think that I have this extensive background knowledge on how to style people. That simply isn’t the case. If you want a dope skirt, I got you! If you want a leather jacket that makes you look badass, I can handle that…but if you’re looking for me to raid your closet and find outfits and throw a scarf or head wrap into the mix and you now look like Solange pre-elevator…thats just not what I do. But we’re going to attempt! Look at us, just growing and learning together…its like a family. I ‘heart’ you :)


This is your fave: Ariana Grande. A beautiful, talented girl who rose to fame on Nickelodeon’s Victorious as the beloved Kat Valentine. Though she wasn’t the main star, she quickly became a fan favorite and had a successful spin-off show Sam and Kat. Now…she’s a platinum selling music artist whose voice is smooth like butter with glittery sprinkles on top (that actually sounds disgusting but you get the point). She’s close to perfection, but her styling is HORRIBLE!


Here’s that time she wore one black stripper boot and one white stripper boot.


Here’s that time she wore basically the same outfit just attached at the waist and oh look!, the boots are now a checkered print. WHAT FUN!!!!!

 ariana-grande-in-short-skirt-leaves-cafe-gratitude-in-los-angeles_2 tumblr_mvwzl7sxtQ1rbdm12o2_500

Let’s not forget that damn ponytail!







But honestly, I love Ariana Grande. She’s probably one of the most beautiful people out right now. But whosever decision it is to make her appear like a little girl playing dress up should be fired, or at least forced to go a couple of rounds with Kimbo Slice. Ariana is waaaaaay too talented and waaaaaaay too beautiful to continue with this “little-girl-eyelash-blinking-high ponytail-stripper boots lolita” image she’s got going on. So I attempted to offer some looks that I made with my friends over at Polyvore!


This is the mod look that I think would look great on Ariana. For whatever reason, this album Ariana has been pushing this London 60s Mod look and though I personally hate it, its not a bad idea. However, it doesn’t always have to be a literal black and white checkered translation. I decided to keep elements of the black and white but what makes something mod is that its clean, crisp, and not too busy. A pleather pant, a white tank, heels and the John Lennan glasses help create a mod look but for 2014. The blazer just keeps it classy and not stopper-ish.


She has also been doing this 60s Barbarella inspired thing. Again, its a literal translation. The above look gives you futuristic, mixing silver and gold, but keeping it fresh with the snake print and the leather top. We can do this Ariana. Together. Again, this is a safe place.

6d58c922cba3f9187c0459e49c2e18a0 4e89694d9408d870a11b1ad4ce1ce1a0

And if you wanted to try out these better….I mean…different hairstyles…We wouldn’t be mad…no really…like…not at all!

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to being a fantastic musical artist. But until then, enjoy Ariana’s new video for Break Free…its actually pretty dope!


Ms. Minaj, We’re Not Stupid…But You Obviously Think We Are

In my quest towards understanding women better and embarking on truly living this female dominated lifestyle towards feminism (damn my girlfriend for calling me to action), I have to say that for once I don’t know which side of the fence to stand on. On one hand I believe that a woman should be able to do whatever she wants with her body. If she wants to serve ice cream from her naval for $5 an hour out on the streets of Bankhead Atlanta then she by all means can do so. But when does a woman’s freedom to rule her own body cross over into being socially responsible for other women, especially those under the age of eighteen? Or by that standard, is it ever her responsibility to be cautious of what she puts out into the world, even if she has people that look up to her, because she has the freedom to make whatever decision she chooses?

Nicki Minaj is no stranger to controversy but this week she has really created a frenzy of smack-talking nay sayers and idolizing supporters all over one picture. The above picture is the single cover for her new single, “Anaconda”, which (I’m only guessing) is going to be about a penis…but you might be asking me, “Preston, how do you know she’s going to be talking about a penis in her new song? She could be talking about living a fast pace life and her journey is SUPER long like an anaconda!” To that I say, PLEASE GO AND EAT DIRT! Sex is definitely what Nicki Minaj is selling with this picture and she wants you to believe that she isn’t. Lets break this down farther shall we.

After the release of the two above pictures, Nicki Minaj decided to go on an Instagram rampage posting different pictures of women dressed in next to nothing and labeling it as Acceptable! Then I read an article where people believe that she’s calling out discrimination due to race and that these other women who are white have the ability to pose “provocatively” while she can’t because she’s a little too dark.

unnamed-4 unnamed-3


Nicki, please…have a plethora of seats! THIS IS NOT A RACIAL ISSUE! This is about the proportions of your body promoting sex as well as alienating your children fan base. You Nicki can do what you want. No one truly cares about what you do. But don’t act surprised and don’t throw in race when you know that your body is selling sex! Yes the women above aren’t selling Avon but they don’t have a huge ass and they’re not squatting for an album cover! They also did not release an entire pop album while dressing in Barbie blonde wigs and hot pink attire. You walked around for years looking like a quinceanera, you had to have known your fan base catered to little girls. You knew what you were doing and you have taken full ownership of this by stating that if people follow the “pink print” then they can and will be able to replicate what you’ve done. Please stop thinking that we’re stupid. You owe us at least that much respect.

Don’t get me wrong. I know every word to Itty Bitty Piggie and I love ratchet Nicki but it was you who decided to go super pop to expand your fan base. And it was you who went money Hollywood and hosted American Idol, so you have to do a smoother transition to make sure people are ready for the crotch droppin Nicki that quite frankly wasn’t deserving of being a judge on AI to begin with. There are tons of little girls like Sophia Grace and Rosie who look up to you. You do have a responsibility to them. You are influential whether you believe it or not. Whether you accept it or not. So stop the bullshit and be a leader. We’re not stupid!

Sorry…this wasn’t meant as a rant but…I respect Nicki and her hustle too much for her to continue with the shenanigans. Now as I anticipate the release of Anaconda, I pray that she begins to understand that she needs to give her fans a bit more credit.